What if the gods of myth were real and ruled over humanity into the modern day? And what if those same gods turned against those they swore to protect?

Godsblade takes place in the aftermath of a great war between gods and men. Humanity has triumphed, thanks to reverse-engineered technology from the gods that allowed them to forge an enhanced class of warriors called Godsblades. Using weapons that transform between gun and blade modes, as well as powers called Aeons, these Godsblades are at the forefront of the struggle for survival. Although the gods are gone, humanity must still contend with the Unsacred, bioweapon creatures that are the gods’ legacy on Earth.

A text adventure whose format was inspired by Destiny|RPGGodsblade is a loot text game in the vein of Monster HunterPhantasy Star Portable, and yes, Destiny. Developed in HTML5+Javascript+CSS (built on the JQuery framework), the game can be played easily on desktop or mobile web browsers.

Play now at http://www.godsblade.com!

Godsblade features:

  • 150+ monsters
  • Almost 400 pieces of gear including weapons that can roll random perks and armor and relics with different stats to accommodate your play style
  • Abilities called Aeons to heal, buff defense, or deal elemental damage
  • 100+ quests
  • 4 late/endgame Arenas with mechanics & specific loot
  • 320+ challenges that reward gear and XP
  • In-game Lore
  • Ability to export your save data and import across different browsers / devices
  • Several themes, including a Night mode
  • Level cap of 200
  • Redeemable codes for unique weapon + perk combinations will be made available via the site

Godsblade is set to launch for free on June 12, 2018.

Screenshots (Note: these from the beta build and may be different in the final release)

Home screen
A.V.A screen
One of the available Traders
Quests screen
Challenges screen